Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Alas poor kidney, I knew him

It's been a week of big news and it all came on Monday morning. First the great news : I am officially cancer free! They took biopsies during my last surgery and found endometriosis (shocking 😉) but all pathology results came back clear of cancer. Endometriosis causes a rise in the markets that they use to test for cancer so it's been great to finally get a proper answer on this. 

I've been chasing the hospital to find out what's happening with my stoma and my kidneys after I had some tests done. Last month they injected me with a radioactive substance and then two hours later took photos using a gamma counter to see what exactly was going on with my kidneys post operation. If all was well and they were both functioning again then my stents would be removed. 

I spoke to the secretary for the urology surgeon and was told that he had written that I need a laparoscopic nephrectomy. This translates to my left kidney is non functioning and so they want to remove it using keyhole surgery. I have been passed to a professor and I have a consultation next week to discuss this and figure out a plan. I'm not sure how urgent this is and what the implications are yet, but I've decided that I'm not letting endometriosis beat me and I refuse to give up any of the things I love doing. 

With this in mind yesterday I went for a skate in the sunshine local to me. It's my first time doing exercise without wearing any support garments for my Ostomy bag. I took a photo with the bag showing although I skated with it tucked under the waist band of my shorts. It was so nice to skate carefree and just not worry about being ill for a change. 

I wil not be defined by any illness and I will continue trying to return to health and fitness. It would be nice if life have me a bit of a break though. After a month of not having to step foot inside a hospital, October is now full with 3 new hospital appointments with various different departments. 

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