Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bouldering with an Ileostomy

One thing I loved doing before my surgeries this year was indoor climbing and especially bouldering which is climbing without a harness or ropes. To celebrate being six months since my last major surgery I decided to see if I was ready to give it a very tentative try so off I went to Craggy Island 2 for the ladies session that my friend runs.

I wanted to try traversing which is going around the centre and not up. It meant I'd be just off the ground and could step back at any point. I know I can't jump at all at the moment as it hurts too much and pulls my internal stitches so I was very nervous to fall off. 

Not only did I manage to traverse the children's room a few times, I also managed to try a couple of routes and even complete some!!! Of course I was very very careful to climb back down instead of jumping down and I listened to my body the whole time. If I wasn't sure I could 95% make the next hold I climbed back down. 

I have a project route to work on and am hoping to go again soon and continue easing back in, still remembering to listen to my body the whole time. It gave me such a rush to have been able to even be able to traverse let along actually climb and I got a friend to take a few photos with my ileostomy bag on display (I wore support underwear and a control best from Primark to help support my abdominal a and keep my bag held securely in place). One day I'll get back into rope climbing, but not for a while longer yet. I'm concerned about wearing a harness for my abdominal healing and Ostomy bag and the risk of slipping and hurting my internal surgery is significantly greater. Bouldering is my favourite type of climbing anyway though so I'm happy! 

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