Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exercise roundup w/c 31/8/15 and goals for w/c 7/9/15

It's been a successful first week reintroducing myself back to exercise and I smashed all of my goals and then some! I managed a couple of nice one mile plus walks and I snuck one in the day before officially starting my goals as I was so excited to get started! I pretty much just walked across Calderstones Park and back so got to enjoy some nice green spaces to look at on the way. On the way back from one I spotted an outdoor gym and decided all the equipment looked worth having a go on if I was careful and listened to my body. 

One day I went to the Sunflower Centre in Liverpool which is a charity set up to help those dealing with cancer. It's for people suffering with any type of cancer directly as well as their relatives and carers. It's run by a lovely group of people who let me go to one of their seated Pilates classes. As it happened I was the only one who turned up so I was treated to a private lesson for a small donation which I found really useful. There was only one move that pulled on my abdomen in an unpleasant way and I told the instructor immediately so we moved on to a different move. I'd definitely go back if I was staying longer in Liverpool and Pilates is something I plan on trying again, maybe a postnatal session back home would suit me. 

The park open air gym equipment was a lot of fun and I dragged my mum along as well for a proper workout in the fresh air. There were 7 machines that cover most of the bodies main muscle groups and I decided we would do 1 minute exercise, 30 second rest 3 times for each piece of equipment before moving on to the next and repeating the pattern. They were a hip twister, push up/tricep dip bench, cross trainer, wheel spinner for arms, leg bucket thingy, side surf machine and a leg press. The next day I felt fine apart from my poor pectoral muscles from the bench!!! I will definitely go back before I go home. 

I also managed to do 10 x squats twice a day and 30 second wall sits on four days as well as swimming which I already blogged about (still amazed how much I was able to do!). 

This week is a tricky one for goal setting as I'm travelling back home on Wednesday and am expecting not to be able to do much on Thursday as a result. It's my birthday on Friday and am hoping to see friends Friday, Saturday and Sunday so going to do a little less but hopefully be up to a little more the week after...  

1. Aiming for two 1+ mile walks

2. One more outdoor gym session before leaving Liverpool

3. Gentle yoga or Pilates at home for 15 minutes minimum. 

4. 10 x squats twice a day and 30sec wall sit 3 days throughout the week 

So a little less than last week but I have a secret fifth goal in mind but will see how the weather is and how I'm feeling over the weekend eep! 

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