Thursday, September 3, 2015

Swimming with an ostomy bag...

I've been wanting to try swimming as one of my fitness goals, it seemed like a really good way to do some general all over body toning along with a little resistance and cardio work thrown in for good measure. I had set a goal of walking 2 breadths of the pool minimum as to be honest I had no idea what I would be able to do if anything and didn't want to get my hopes up and be upset if I couldn't do much at all. The other thing was the mental struggle of doing this. It would mean being in some kind of swimming costume or bikini with my ostomy bag in front of other people. I've had a few mishaps and as well as wearing something skin tight possibly showing my bag, I was so paranoid I'd have a bag leak or some other mortifying experience that would mean I would never work up the courage to leave the house again... 

I found a pin up style bikini that I tried on beforehand that did a good job of covering all the marks on my abdomen, my stoma and bag. I also made sure I wore it in the shower at home before braving being in public to check how it looked over the bag when it got wet as it can change how it sticks to your body and change colour/transparency. The home tests went well and the bag survived both showers and baths at home so today I plucked up my courage and went with my mum to a local sports centre and pool. 

Not only did I make it into the water and home incident free, I completely smashed my fitness goal! I managed 4 breadths of the pool (across and back twice), 2 sets of walking to the middle of the pool and back length wise and then 5 sets of walking half way, swimming the second half and then swimming the whole length back again. I'm so proud of myself!!! Funnily enough it was my shoulders that ached rather than my abdomen which felt mostly fine. My stoma behaved and the bag stayed securely in place and barely visible. I've devised some arm exercises to do in the water to warm up and cool down with next time and I'll write a little arm exercise plan for moving them without weights a few times a week starting next week too. I'm amazed at how much I was able to do at just over 5 weeks post major abdominal surgery and so impressed I had the confidence to even try as I was very anxious beforehand which often makes my stoma play up too. I will do my best to make swimming once a week part of my routine when I return to my own flat soon. 


  1. Woop woop! Nice one hun😊😊😊😊 Peggy xxx