Monday, October 19, 2015

Adventures with Jabba (my stoma)

So I decided it was time Jabba had a new bag to wear today. I get my kit out, take the old bag off and start going through the cleaning stages etc. I've just put calomine lotion on my skin and everything is going more smoothly than usual, when the door bell rings and I'm sure it's the postman. I grab a wipe and run downstairs and ask if he can leave anything for me in the recycling bin outside. Apparently not as it needs signing for so I apologise in advance and run back upstairs to grab the key bearing in mind Jabba is never quiet for long. I open the door wearing a scruffy top, pj bottoms pulled low down and a wipe held over my calomine covered abdominal stoma apologising lots. Postman looks confused and also apologises. He shuts my door for me and I run back upstairs as Jabba starts pretty much exploding... Eventually the bag change is completed and everyone lived every ever after... Until the next incident and bag change...

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