Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kidney consultation and stent be gone!

Today was my first consultation with the Urology Professor to find out more about what's happening with my kidneys. He showed me the images from the radioactive dye test which I snagged a photo of. When I first looked at it I thought ok cool, there's a front image showing both kidneys and a side or back one below showing both kidneys. Apparently not... The top left picture is the front view and the top right picture is the back view. In each photo only the right kidney is visible meaning the left one did not absorb any of the radioactive tracer because it is non functioning. The lower photos are from the side and again each only has one kidney show up 😔 

The bad news is I definitely do only have one functioning kidney and the left one needs to be removed to prevent further infection and complications. The good news is that at the moment it isn't swollen or inflamed so I have options as to how soon I want to undergo the major surgery to remove it. It'll be a tricky procedure as although it can be done by keyhole / laparoscopic surgery, apparently I have a "difficult" pelvis and other complications mean that it'll need to be done through my side rather than from the front/stomach. Luckily my surgeon pioneered this procedure and is an expert phew! It does mean I will need at least two more surgeries and a joint procedure with colorectal is definitely not possible. Doh. 

While I was there I asked when I could get the stent removed and joked that I would have it done now if possible. I should have kept my mouth shut as after checking he found that they had the equipment available so whisked me off to a surgical room and removed it then and there! 

It was an extremely uncomfortable procedure done whilst fully conscious. I had to have an injection into my butt muscle of antibiotics (that was a first for me!) and oral antibiotics as well. The only pain relief I was given was a gel at the entrance to my urethra (tiny hole pee comes out). They put a grabber (their term not mine) up my urethra with a camera on it so I could see what was happening on a screen. It went into my bladder and the surgeon located the stent, grabbed it and then pulled it straight out. My word putting the grabber  in and pulling the stent out made me wince and walk like John Wayne getting off a horse afterwards!!! The stent was much bigger than I imagined too. Having it out will hopefully stop some of my recent pain, general discomfort and constant sudden and painful urges to urinate...

I wish this was the end of it but tomorrow I am back at the hospital to see the stoma nurse and I have two more appointments next week too. It has to end eventually right...? Right? Right?!? 

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