Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Ostomy Diet

Having an Ostomy has meant making quite a few changes to my diet. It's still fairly new and my body is still adapting to it. I think over time what you can eat massively opens up, but at the moment I'm still very sensitive to what I can and can't tolerate. I was advised before leaving the hospital of the following :

- no green food
- no brown food
- no mushrooms or nuts
- no skin so vegetables and potatoes etc must be peeled
- no hot food including onions, garlic and pepper (fresh and ground)
- no seeds, pips or stalks
- no high fibre or sugar free food

As a vegetarian this doesn't leave me with a lot of choices...! I'm mostly eating white carbohydrates and plain tomato or cheese sauces. I can eat peeled carrots but not much else vegetable wise. Bananas are good for me and I like them too which is a bonus so I get a little fruit as well. 

At the moment my digestive system stops at the ileum, so I don't have a colon or rectum. This means that I struggle with absorbing water from my food and my output is mostly completely liquid. The nurses advised not to drink a lot of plain water because dehydration can be an issue as I can't process it properly, but as I have kidney problems also I need it. I try and drink ribena and hot chocolate as well as plain water to try and keep all of my organs happyish. 

I've been having pretty much constant stomach upsets so have been eating marshmallow and gelatin sweets for medicinal purposes. It sounds ridiculous but it works to slow down the output. It's not vegetarian but I've had to give in temporarily. Hopefully my stoma isn't forever and I'll give up gelatin as soon as its reversed. 

The stomach upsets really hurt as the stomach acid comes straight out of my stoma and burns the skin around the opening on my abdomen. It's like having a circle of severe constant sunburn so I'm trialling a barrier ring around my stoma before attaching the bag to try and protect my skin and lessen the pain and burning sensation. 

I had eggs, onion, peppers and garlic on purpose and accidentally and all of them have given me immediate two day long horrible stomach upsets so I'm very careful now. It makes eating out extremely hard though as they aren't always listed as ingredients for things like pies and in sauces. I try and take my own sandwiches etc wherever possible. It's very dull and I'm really hoping I can get my stoma reversed so I can eat food I enjoy again and increase my energy levels. 

At the moment I can manage 2 or 3 energetic activities a week maximum and then have to rest a lot in between. Standing still continues to be very difficult and twisting my abdomen or doing anything with endurance is tricky. I'm not giving up though and continue to push myself as much as I can realistically. I managed a two hour roller derby boot camp yesterday doing basic skills. It's so good to know that my body remembers how to do all of the movements even if my endurance is pathetic. 

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