Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Loop Ileostomy Reversal

Apologies for being so quiet, I had a nasty bout of depression whilst waiting for a date for my loop ileostomy to be reversed. Finally I heard and had my surgery yesterday morning (29/12/15). I was very very nervous leading up to it. It's generally a simple surgery, but I've had so called simple surgeries this year that haven't turned out to be and every surgery to date has lasted over double the predicted time due to complications. My main worry was that once they tried to reverse it they wouldn't be able to and I'd wake up with it still in place, possibly forever...

This was a photo I took the night before my surgery when I was hoping it would be my last selfie with my Ostomy bag. 

My surgery ended up being much quicker than expected and so far so good... I've been very nauseous and in quite a lot of pain since waking up, but I think that's mostly as I pushed myself too far after waking up excited to be bag free oops.

I haven't seen what's under the dressing yet so have no idea what kind of scar I'll be left with. My stomach has swollen up a lot more today and is very tender, but I expect that this will go down over the next week or so. I'm hoping the nausea is down to the anaesthesia drugs still in my system. I was sick this morning so just taking things easy.

I will be allowed to go home once they are sure my bowel is working properly and I don't have any surgical leaks. So far I've passed a little wind twice but nothing more than that yet. Felt strangely satisfying I must say after not being able to for 5 months! 

The doctor drew me a couple of drawings of how they have completed the reversal. 

So they cut around the stoma and inserted a staple gun around it. They cut the top of the stoma off and then stapled a zipper like effect to join the ends back together with a row of titanium staples. I now have a permanent internal loop in my small intestine and some new metal work for life, but it shouldn't set off metal detectors or things at the airport etc. Hey will show up in X-Ray's and CT scans and I'm hoping to have one done at some point so I can get a photo of what it looks like. 

All that's left to do now is recover from this surgery and then chase for a date to have my non functioning kidney removed and I'll be sKatie 2.0!!! 

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