Monday, July 18, 2016

SKatie One Bean!

I'm super slow and way behind on updating my blog as usual oops. Surgery to remove my kidney was done successfully nearly 6 weeks ago now. I had my surgery down in London and was in hospital for I think 3 nights total. 

They managed to do it by keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery in my side and didn't need to switch to open surgery this time. They made 2 larger incisions and a smaller one. The pain has been pretty bad post surgery until about 7-10 days ago when I was finally able to stop taking Oxycodone. 

I managed to persuade the surgeon to take a photo of my kidney before sending it off for analysis. It's supposed to be about double the size it was if it was healthy (usually 8-10cm and mine was 5cm). The right kidney has grown a bit as its been doing the function of two for who knows how long. It's amazing that the body can do this, just cause one kidney to get bigger and take on double the work! 

I think the worst side effect was just how bloated my stomach was constantly post surgery. The combination of opiate based pain killers caused horrible constipation and all the gas they used to inflate my abdomen for the surgery seemed to take ages to dissipate. Luckily things seem to be pretty much back to normal now which makes it much more comfortable wearing clothes (although elasticated waistband pyjamas are still my best friends!) and helps me relax and not worry about my body shape quite as much. 

The cuts are healing nicely (photo taken 16/7/16) and the scabs are just about gone. I'm still very low energy and my fitness and conditioning has taken such a beating over the last 15 months it's finally completely deserted me :/ I'm noticing I need to drink a lot more water which in putting down to having only the one kidney and having part of my bowel removed. Other than that though everything seems fine and dandy. 

I've just started back skating as of last week and am cleared for contact by my surgeon as of this week. I have so many plans and things I want to do, but I'm having to keep a lot on hold still as I learn about pacing (more about this soon). 

Overall though I'm finally done with my surgery journey this time around. Six major surgeries within 13 months has been super tough and I feel like a completely different person. I've been cleared of cancer and all the endometriosis they can find has been removed. I'm taking a contraceptive pill to hopefully stop/slow it from returning and I'm so much more aware of my body and listening to what it needs. It's not over yet, but a major part is finally... 

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  1. You are a warrior woman of the highest order, Katiecakes. So much love and respect for you. <3 <3 - Viv